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The SKYGEN International Foundation is continuously working to improve the lives of other by providing greater access to cost-effective healthcare. Read more about these impacts straight from those impacted the most.


Helping others while advancing her career


SKYGEN International Foundation employs and trains a team of Tanzanians to run the vision care screening and eyeglass distribution program in rural Tanzania.

A key member of the team, optometrist, Enny Niko, says that working for the Foundation allows her to help people who can’t afford treatment. “In addition to screening adults and students and providing glasses to those who need them, we are able to refer individuals with cataracts or glaucoma for further treatment at local hospitals.”

Enny has also witnessed large numbers of students who cannot see the blackboard or read books. “They were struggling a lot to see. Through SKYGEN International Foundation their lives have improved. They are very happy as now they can see better and enjoy their studies.” She notes that improved vision will help them to achieve their ambitions.

Personally, Enny is appreciative of the opportunity to advance her career, support her family, gain experience with more advanced tools and serve many people.




Theresia Namponji says her work for the SKYGEN International Foundation has blessed her in many ways. “I have seen people with smiles on their faces after being helped to see again, it is a great feeling to be able to have such a positive impact on people’s lives."

Theresia feels respected and appreciates being able to make a difference. “It’s such an incredible and amazing experience being able to provide quality and reliable service to the people who can’t afford the cost of being treated elsewhere. It’s a life changing experience.”




My name is William Lukas Kirika and I am the Director of Maua Primary School. We are very grateful! We are grateful to those who have come to give us aid for our children.

The success of this project is due to your efforts as well as the church.

We give thanks because even those of us who have been suffering from vision problems but haven’t been able to go to a hospital or clinic now have obtained glasses for reading and daily use. We are very thankful for this.

We are also grateful to the donors who enabled you to come to our school and our community of Meru, as well as Tanzania in general. This project helps children improve their vision with eyeglasses.

This project is very similar to what we envisioned. I am a teacher and so is my wife. The thought behind opening a school here in Meru was to help the community of Meru so we can get the specialists (professionals) of tomorrow who will help us. We will have doctors among these kids, Presidents, Ministers of parliament and others of that caliber.

I would also like to that Diocese [of Meru] for making this connection because it is a big help to the whole community.”

William Lukas Kirika
Director of Maua Primary School


Since the SKYGEN Foundation started working in Tanzania in July 2018 we have screened more than 30,000 students and nearly 1500 teachers. More than 3300 teachers and students have had their lives impacted by receiving new glasses. 




Mr. Kimaro is 94 years old and travelled more than nine miles to get to the Ngarenanyuki clinic in order to get his eyes checked. He is one of many who knows he has a vision problem but does not have the money nor the means to get to a hospital to get checked out.

Once he arrived at the clinic, he was registered along with a group of 78 others also waiting to be checked. Once it was his turn, he in turn got his eyes checked and then immediately received a pair of prescription glasses specific to his vision problem.

The impact on his life is significant. Because he has glasses, he can now leave his compound to visit friends and walk about the village without fear of getting lost or not recognizing people. Before glasses, he was hesitant to even sit in the front row at his church because he could not see everyone clearly. Now - he can attend church more regularly.

His life has been changed due to the generosity of others.



For 64-year-old Naiman Lukumay, the trip to SKYGEN Foundation’s vision clinic took about two hours on foot. Mr. Lukumay has been having trouble seeing words on the printed page, but he told himself it was due to age, and that his children’s needs were the financial priority.

SKYGEN’s vision testing revealed that Mr. Lukumay needed custom lenses, which the Foundation had made in Essilor’s Nairobi lab. He returned to the clinic to pick them up, walking nearly eight miles in the dark with a neighbor’s flashlight.

With his new glasses, Mr. Lukumay can do what he loves – singing all of the hymns in church with confidence, and reading the biblical passages. His connection to the community at large has been renewed through his active participation. Mr. Lukumay feels empowered knowing he can take out his glasses to read when called upon in church. He’s also able to stay in touch since he can now read and respond to text messages.

Before starting his walk back home, Mr. Lukumay shared a warm “Asante sana!” with the SKYGEN team, which in Swahili means thank you very much.


Greetings from Nkoaranga Hospital in Tanzania:

"I would like to say thank you on behalf of the people who have received your eye service. Most of them come to me and say thank you very much. People have really liked the service and it is helping the less advantaged in our society. You have brought back the future of many.”

Mr. Frank Godwin, Nkoaranga Hospital Administration

You Can Make a Difference

Your donation helps provide vision screenings and prescription eyeglasses for underserved parts of Tanzania and funds training of local teams needed to sustain these efforts.